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About Click Speed Test

The cps tester is a very handy tool that allows you to measure your clicks per second speed and helps you improve your clicking proficiency in games like flappy Bird, Minecraft, and more. It is a very helpful tool that can be accessed with any device with an internet connection. So go ahead and test your click speed right now.

Know Your Clicking Speed

Using the click speed test to measure your clicks per second speed is very easy, as the tools user interface is quite minimal and self-explanatory. Here is the step-by-step procedure to know your clicking speed with the help of the click speed test tool:

  • Step 1:Access the website using your preferred browser,
  • Step 2:Choose a preferred time range for the test from options like five seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and more.
  • Step 3:Once the website is loaded, click on the start button.
  • Step 4:Then, repeatedly press the left mouse click button as many times as you can.
  • Step 5:Once the timer is over, your overall CPS score will be displayed on the screen.

Now when you know how to use the click speed test tool to measure your mouse clicking speed, it’s time to start practicing.

How Our Tool Calculates Your CPS

Mathematically, your CPS can be derived by dividing the total number of clicks made by the total time taken in seconds. For instance, if you click your mouse 25 times in five seconds then, as per the formula, your CPS will be five.

Elements Consider Before Taking Click Speed Test

Internet Speed

As our click speed test tool is web application-based, you must have a reliable internet connection for it to work. That being said, make sure that before you start this test you have a reliable internet connection with a good speed.

Perfect Mouse

To ensure that you make the highest number of clicks possible in a given time, you need to make sure that the mouse you are using is in perfect working conditions. This means it should have a good response rate and should not be malfunctioning at all.

Clicking Technique

When it comes to the click speed test, the technique that you use also matters a lot. There are several different ways of clicking that allow you to achieve a higher CPS score such as butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, and more.

What is the Right Click CPS Test?

The right click CPS test is a handy and engaging tool that allows you to calculate the number of right mouse button clicks you can make in a given time. It is a very useful tool for competitive gamers who are looking to improve their gameplay by enhancing their clicking speed.

How Fast You Can Click While Taking Click Speed Test?

As of now, the highest number of clicks ever made by someone is 14.1 CPS. However, you can also use several different types of clicking techniques to click even faster and ramp up your CPS score.

Various Clicking Technique for CPS Tester

There are various innovative clicking techniques available that can help you gain a high CPS, such as:

Jitter Clicking

When you jitter click, your hand is quivering enough to click the mouse. You want your index finger to touch the left mouse button, but have your wrist resting lightly on top of it. Repeat this movement continuously for a few minutes at a time, taking frequent breaks.

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicks are performed by two fingers, mainly the index and the largest fingers, and players must alternate between clicking the left mouse button rapidly. The Butterfly click is ideal for Minecraft PVP because it can increase a player's click rate to 16 clicks per second (cps).

Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is a gaming technique in which the user drags their fingers across the buttons on a mouse while playing a game. This creates friction between the fingers and the mouse buttons and allows players to perform better in Minecraft than they could by clicking the mouse normally.

Kohi Clicking

The technique involves rapid finger spasms, in which players use two fingers to strike the mouse alternatively. Players lift one finger while the other hits the mouse multiple times. It is common knowledge that this technique can score higher CPS, as it involves using multiple fingers.

What is Cps Test Unblocked?

Many online games like Minecraft capture users for using auto clicker tools. In such cases, the user may get warnings, or lose access to some features, or get banned or blocked from the game. This may cause the user to lose all their game progress, which is a real sadness for any gamer. The best thing to be done to avoid this is to practice improving your clicking speed so you do not feel the need to use auto clicking software in gaming and play your favorite games without having to worry about getting blocked.

Related Click Speed Test Terms

  1. CPS Test

    The CPS test is a test where you can check your clicking speed in 1 second. Hence, take CPS Test to check how fast you can click.

  2. Click Counter

    It is a tool that Counts the number of clicks that you make on your mouse.

  3. CPS Tester

    A CPS tester tool is whether you can make a certain number of clicks in a given time or not.

  4. CPS Calculator

    A CPS calculator tool helps you identify your clicking speed score by analyzing the number of clicks you make in a second.

  5. Clicks Per Second

    Abbreviated as CPS it is a measure of the number of clicks you make on your mouse per second.

Benefits of Using Click Speed Test Tool

Using a click speed test tool can provide you with a lot of benefits such as:

  1. Best Click Practicing Tool

    The click speed test tool is the best tool to practice for competitive gaming and improve your clicking Speed.

  2. Future-Oriented

    This click speed test tool keeps getting frequent updates that make it better than ever.

  3. Stress Release

    You can also use this click speed test tool as a form of stress release activity in case you are feeling a little caught up in things.

  4. Gaming Proficiency

    By practicing clicking daily with the help of this click speed test tool you can improve your performance in clicker games.

  5. Work Best In Games Like Minecraft

    Games like Minecraft also require a good clicking speed for a variety of reasons. Therefore, this too is also good for Minecraft players.

  6. It Generates New Ideas

    If you are experiencing a creative block and having a hard time generating new ideas, you can use this tool and refresh your mind to get better ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clicks per second is a measure of how fast you can click the left mouse button in one second.

The current world record holder was able to click on the mouse 14 times in one second.

An average user can click as much as 30 times on the mouse in five seconds.

The average CPS for gamers can be anywhere between 20 to 25 CPS.

From a PVP perspective, a player should have at least 25 CPS.

To check your CPS in Minecraft you need to join PVP client for CPS testing.

The Logitech G502 proteus spectrum is the best mouse for click speed tests as it has a great response rate and is very high-quality nature.

To execute a double click on mouse, all you have to do is hit the left mouse button twice with your index finger.

As per experts, it is advisable to use the largest finger to right click.

Aim Trainer is software that allows you to practice your aiming skills for PVP games.