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What Is A Clicker Counter?

The clicker counter is an online clicking tool used to count your clicks per second within a period. It counts your mouse clicking speed in terms of CPS. There are various time modes for testing on the click counter. It ranges from 1 sec, 2 seconds, up to 1 minute.

How Does Clicker Counter Work?

A clicker counter is a software tool that records each of your mouse clicks. It records such mouse clicks within the set interval. Then it calculates the speed of clicking within that interval in terms of CPS. It displays your result and an option to retake the test. You can take several tests and practice clicking.

How To Use The Click Counter Perfectly?

To use the click counter, follow these steps-

  • After setting the time, start the test on the website.
  • Start clicking rapidly using the mouse.
  • After the time ends, the result gets displayed.
  • You can retake the test and practice on the click counter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, practicing on the click counter daily will improve your mouse clicking speed.

The online click counter is harmless at first. If used extensively and carelessly, it may damage your mouse if used for a long time.

Click counter is good at increasing your CPS speed and not aiming.