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What Is The Right Click Test?

The right click CPS test is an online click speed test for counting the right click speed. It tests the right click of the mouse for its clicking speed, no. of clicks per time interval, and the working of the right click. It is also a tool to increase the right click CPS speed by providing a platform to practice.

What Causes My Right CPS To Be Lower Than My Left CPS?

Some of the possible causes may be-

  • Less usage of the right clicks of the mouse as compared to the left click.
  • Less handy nature of the right clicks of the mouse.
  • Faulty mouse.
  • Non updated mouse device driver.
  • Faulty mouse settings.

What Are The Benefits Of Right Click Test?

The right click test is a platform to check the right click of your mouse, its working, functioning, potential, etc. It is also used to practice right click speed clicking to improve your right click CPS score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take the right click test to check the working of your right mouse button. If the right click test doesn’t register any click even after clicking so many times, this indicates a faulty right button.

You can use the touchpad of your laptop as a mouse and the switches on the mousepad as the right and left mouse clicks respectively. Use this right click of the laptop, when taking the test without a mouse.

No, right click test is not bad for health. Take breaks between taking two tests to give rest to your hands.