About Website

Click speed test website is a team of IT professionals, graphic designers, and coordinators, who work towards creating tools helpful for gaming. Be it click counter tools or any other software gaming essentials. We work with our cumulative efforts to provide the best for our users. You can contact us any time, we are available 24*7 for your queries.

The Mission

Our mission is to train our users for professional gaming. We provide the best platform for practicing aiming and clicking, to help you perform better in your games.

The Purpose

The games and gaming world is broadening day by day. Everyone wants to be a champion in whatever games they play. But the competition is tough. As a gamer, we can’t afford to practice on the game to increase our gameplay as it may affect our profile and rankings. Hence, as a solution to this problem, we came up with a platform that trains you to improve your gameplay.

We desire to provide help and aids in gaming to our users. We make tools to help our users excel in their field of interest. Be it gaming, writing, checking up on their devices, or just for fun. Clicking tests are hence our top grosser.